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Project designation 

SCOUT - SisCog OUt There: Increase of SISCOG's market share in diversified international markets

Project code: LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-038810

Main goal: Reinforce competitiveness of small and medium enterprises

Region of intervention: Lisboa

Beneficiary entity: SISCOG - Sistemas Cognitivos, SA


Approval date:     21-08-2018

Starting date:       15-03-2018

Completion date: 14-03-2020

Total eligible cost: 491.688,40 Euros

European Union financial support: 196.675,36 Euros, through FEDER


Goals, activities and expected results: SCOUT project’s main goal is to achieve SISCOG's strategic objective of market diversification leading to the reinforcement of its presence in international markets. The action plan is based on two areas:

  • increase of the market share
  • creation of a new product

Further to monitoring the publication of international tenders, the SCOUT project aims to promote a strong component of proactive actions by identifying potential clients and approaching them individually with customised product demonstrations.



Project designation

IDEAL: Innovations in Decision-support Automation tooLs

Project code: LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-038406

Main goal: Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Region of intervention: Lisboa

Beneficiary entity: SISCOG - Sistemas Cognitivos, SA


Approval date:     21-08-2018

Starting date:       01-06-2018

Completion date: 31-05-2020

Total eligible cost: 2.054.949,02 Euros

European Union financial support: 773.579,46 Euros, through FEDER

Goals, activities and expected results: World population growth and increasing migration to large cities sets great pressure on transport networks. Mobility in urban areas is an important facilitator for growth, employment and sustainable development. And at this level, it is not only quantity but also the quality of transport that matters.

Efficient transportation can attract economic activities to cities and increase productivity, improving connectivity and reducing travel time. For more than 30 years SISCOG has been helping increase the productivity of transportation companies with state-of-the-art optimisation software that combines Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research techniques, incorporating experience, innovation and mobility trends.

The IDEAL project aims to:

  • improve the existing products
  • reduce the cost and time of customisation of project implementation
  • develop optimisers by incorporating "machine learning" techniques
  • create a new rail scheduling product which will be integrated with existing products