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For more than 35 years, SISCOG has been working with Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research, combining generic and client-specific knowledge, incorporating experience, research & innovation and mobility industry trends, to design optimisation resource scheduling and management solutions for the transportation cluster.

If you are looking for continuous challenges in an international and technological oriented business, check out our Job Openings or send us a Spontaneous Application.

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What we offer

  • International market

    International Market

    World-wide demanding clients keep us on our toes.
  • Challenging puzzles

    Challenging Puzzles

    High efficiency focused clients challenge us to help them make the best use of resources.
  • Sunny Office & Perks

    Sunny Offices & Perks

    Enjoy roomy and sunny spaces, in the city center. Fruit and coffee available to keep energy levels going. Unwind from the tech world at relaxing areas, including a leisure paper book library.
  • Career Plan

    Career Plan

    A professional evolution plan sets the path for a fulfiling career.
  • Training


    Top-tier continuous training opportunities lead to explore specific technical topics and develop personal soft skills.
  • Rewarding Culture

    Rewarding Culture

    Informal, supportive, performance evaluation oriented. Get a part of the business profit thanks to a productivity bonus. Plus, creativity and recruitment bonuses.
  • Hybrid work

    Hybrid work

    Combine in-person work with work from home and achieve a better balance between professional and personal life.
  • Flexible schedules

    Flexible Schedules

    Flexible working hours make your personal life stressless. Enjoy the extended holiday period.
  • Healthy living

    Healthy Living

    SISCOG Running & Walking Club will help you keep fit. But if needed, there is a health insurance, also extended to immediate family, and additional paid sickness leaves.

SISCOGuians say

SISCOGuians Say SISCOGuians Say
  • Sérgio Lima

    SISCOG was a turning point in the way I perceive my professional life. Used to strict schedules and always putting personal commitments in second place and "after hours”, it was at this company that I first heard about flexible hours and the balance between professional and personal life.

    Starting the day with a gym session, then heading to work with a relaxed and cheerful mindset is a new reality for me.

    As a support technician, I have the opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies and constantly face challenging situations that keep me on a steep learning curve, well above average.

    Sérgio Lima
    Technical Support
  • Vera Stanzani

    What’s better than working with a bunch of friends?

    SISCOG provides the best environment, making it much easier to learn, work and grow as it happens between friends and laughs.

    Vera Stanzani
    Testing Team Leader, Quality Department
  • Filipe Fernandes

    Some years ago, when I was fresh out of university, I embarked on my professional journey at SISCOG. As a newcomer to the working world, I was apprehensive. In a field where genuine care for employees can be a rare find, I quickly realised that I had made the right choice.

    SISCOG's commitment to encourage a healthy work environment stood out. From day one, SISCOG prioritised my well-being, offering more than a support system - a friendly shoulder, a family - that eased the transition into a first job. It's a place where our growth is not only encouraged but celebrated.

    Recently, I sought a fresh challenge in a different department, and SISCOG seamlessly provided the training and opportunities to help me excel in this new role. It's a testament to the dynamic and supportive culture that defines SISCOG - a place where our potential is nurtured, and our career can continually evolve.

    Filipe Fernandes
    Software Tester, Quality Department
  • Rodrigo Correia

    What I praise the most at SISCOG is its good and relaxed environment and playing with the best programming language! In addition to its great and rich history, SISCOG surrounds me with people that are always ready to help and foster curiosity.

    As a runner, I am also an enthusiast of SISCOG’s Running and Walking Club, and don´t miss an opportunity to recruit more runners.

    Rodrigo Correia
    Software Engineer, Products Department
  • Ana Carvalho

    Working at SISCOG means you can be yourself in a work environment that is positive and healthy. A significant quality since, after all, this is the place where you spend a great part of your day!

    As an operational researcher I have the opportunity to learn and apply a wide range of optimisation approaches to solve interesting challenges that SISCOG faces in the transportation domain. 

    Also, I feel quite comfortable to further my studies thanks to the flexible work, hence creating more value for my own career.

    Ana Carvalho
    Software Engineer, Innovation Department
  • EVENT 12-10-2023

    Sharing optimisation techniques with Statistics and Operational Research students

    Tomorrow, October 13th, we will be sharing our optimisation techniques with students pursuing a Master´s degree in Statistics and Operational Research (OR) from the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL). At this year’s Seminar, our expert in OR and school alumna, Ana Wemans, will d…
    Sharing optimisation techniques with Statistics and Operational Research students
  • EVENT 06-10-2023
    Visit us at FEUP Career Fair 2023

    Visit us at FEUP Career Fair 2023

    We will be at Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto on October 10th. Stop by and visit us if you are looking for new challenges or want to learn about how we optimise public transport around the world with knowledge-intensive software!
  • BLOG 19-09-2023

    Mastering the Implementation of Software Test Automation

    The journey of integrating software test automation to elevate software quality is neither easy nor simple, and SISCOG has travelled a long way to achieve a comprehensive automation coverage for all its products and systems. In a new SISCOG Blog article by Mariana Cavalheiro, we provide a glimpse i…
    Mastering the Implementation of Software Test Automation
  • EVENT 23-02-2023

    SISCOG at SINFO 2023

    The Tech Conference taking place at Instituto Superior Técnico from 27 February until March 3 will have SISCOG as an exhibitor, and as a presenter.
    SISCOG at SINFO 2023