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  • How can schedulers and dispatchers feel supported during the optimisation process and control the output of their work?

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  • We work with Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research, combine experience, R&D, and mobility trends, and... help clients save money.

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  • Event 13-09-2019

    SISCOG Open Day

    Today we welcome the winner of the 2019 EstudIO SISCOG award. Together with other students from Applied Math degrees, she will witness life at SISCOG and learn about the secrets behind optimisation in SISCOG's products.
    SISCOG Open Day
  • EVENT 29-08-2019
    SISCOG sponsors EPIA 2019

    SISCOG sponsors EPIA 2019

    On September 3-6, the international conference on Artificial Intelligence EPIA 2019, will address a wide spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI) thematics, from transport to medicine and agriculture. The purpose of this conference is to promote research in all areas of AI, covering both theoret…
  • EVENT 11-07-2019
    OR (and SISCOG) meets Machine Learning at IO2019 Congress

    OR (and SISCOG) meets Machine Learning at IO2019 Congress

    The scientific program of the annual Portuguese Congress of Operations Research - IO2019 - will include 4 SISCOG presentations. Under the theme “OR meets Machine Learning”, the event takes place at Politécnico de Tomar, on July 22-24 2019, and promotes the reunion between students and academia to d…