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  • CASE STUDY 25-06-2020
    VIA RAIL Canada saves millions in optimised operation

    VIA RAIL Canada saves millions in optimised operation

    SISCOG has released a case study that highlights the financial and management advantages of the decision-support and optimisation system used by the Canadian operator VIA RAIL. One of the benefits was a 10M CAD saving by reducing the need for one train set, while increasing overall passenger seat av…
  • ARTICLE 23-06-2020

    Le Grand Jeté

    Although not immediately obvious, an Agile practitioner is basically a ballet dancer. Both require adopting a philosophy based on rehearsal, consistency, and focus not on the process but rather on the value that can be built for the audience or, in our case, the client.
    Le Grand Jeté
  • PAPER 08-04-2020
    Rescheduling in emergency scenarios

    Rescheduling in emergency scenarios

    Unexpected events bring different levels of disruptions to our lives and to businesses. Public transport is no exception. And here, the impact may be multiple – on passengers, staff, revenue, and profit.