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  • PAPER 08-04-2020
    Rescheduling in emergency scenarios

    Rescheduling in emergency scenarios

    Unexpected events bring different levels of disruptions to our lives and to businesses. Public transport is no exception. And here, the impact may be multiple – on passengers, staff, revenue, and profit.
  • EVENT 20-02-2020

    Maths’ day @ SISCOG, March 4th

    SISCOG has an “open door” culture for all those who have curiosity in learning more about who we are what we do. And we promote this by challenging people to visit us. The next challenge is just around the corner!
    Maths’ day @ SISCOG, March 4th
  • EVENT 14-01-2020

    Converting Maths into National Exports: the SISCOG's case study

    How SISCOG has been able to convert the use of Math techniques into software products that represent almost 100% of its international sales will be the theme of a presentation made at the Winter School Mathmasters, at the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), on January 15th.
    Converting Maths into National Exports: the SISCOG's case study