CargoNet opts for SISCOG workforce planning system

PRESS RELEASE 12-09-2023
CargoNet opts for SISCOG workforce planning system
CargoNet opts for SISCOG workforce planning system
CargoNet opts for SISCOG workforce planning system
The Vy Group rail freight company CargoNet, adopts SISCOG system for planning and managing its drivers


12/09/2023 | SISCOG, a software company specialised in solutions for optimised resource scheduling, management and dispatching for public transport operators, has expanded its freight client base with the addition of CargoNet.

The Norwegian-based company, which also operates freight services to and from Sweden, sought to modernise its system portfolio and align with its digitalisation strategy to enhance customer value and operational efficiency. After careful evaluation, CargoNet concluded for the extension of TPO, the workforce planning and management system already successfully implemented in the Vy Group for its passenger operation.

The beginning of 2023 witnessed CargoNet utilising the SISCOG CREWS-based system to plan and manage the work of its 190 drivers.
Adaptations were made to cater for CargoNet’s specific characteristics and rules, and the freight company now benefits from a comprehensive set of features, common to the Vy system. These include duty and roster design and allocation, as well as communication functions that enable staff to ask for absences, visualise their workplan or bid for unplanned duties.

“We now have a better global overview, and a better quality, in all our personnel plans”, says John André Vorpenes, TPO Administrator at CargoNet.

SISCOG’s Head of Strategic Development, Eurico Matos, highlights that “we are delighted that our solution is now assisting this freight operation and are confident that together we will achieve operational gains for CargoNet, just as we have successfully done for Vy.”



About Vy and CargoNet | The Vy Group is the largest land-based transport group in the European Nordic countries, under the ownership of the Norwegian government. It has four operational business areas in Norway and Sweden: rail passenger services, bus services, freight transport by CargoNet, and customer experience and innovation. CargoNet specialises in rail-based intermodal services in and between Norway and Sweden, offering fixed and flexible bookings, currently holding a 70% market share in Norway alone.


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SISCOG provides cutting-edge decision support software solutions for optimised resource scheduling, management and dispatching in public transport. Incorporating more than 35 years of specialised knowledge and using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research techniques, the SISCOG Suite addresses these companies’ need to offer their passengers/clients the best service while being efficient and sustainable in the use of their most important operational resources – time and space (timetables), vehicles, and staff.
The SISCOG Suite is composed by ONTIME, for creating and updating timetables, FLEET, for scheduling and managing vehicles, RAILNODE, for scheduling and managing local resources, and CREWS, for scheduling and managing staff.
Amongst its clients are renowned companies, such as the state railways of Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, Northern Ireland and Norway, the Suburban Trains of Copenhagen and of Barcelona, freight railways CargoNet and Medway, the Lisbon Metro and London Underground.
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