VIA RAIL Canada saves millions in optimised operation

CASE STUDY 25-06-2020
VIA RAIL Canada saves millions in optimised operation
VIA Rail Canada train
VIA RAIL Canada saves millions in optimised operation
SISCOG has released a case study that highlights the financial and management advantages of the decision-support and optimisation system used by the Canadian operator VIA RAIL. One of the benefits was a 10M CAD saving by reducing the need for one train set, while increasing overall passenger seat availability.


VIA RAIL Canada ambitioned a system that could support, automate, and optimise business processes associated with train scheduling, fleet management and related day-to-day operations, towards the strategic goals of decreasing operation costs and increasing transport frequency and seat availability to passengers.
A system based on SISCOG’s ONTIME and FLEET software products supported VIA RAIL in this ambition, providing several benefits, such as the need for 1 less train set, representing savings of around 10.000.000 Canadian dollars while increasing, at the same time, overall available seats, or the increase of 3% to 4% in Available Seats per Mile (ASM) and of 3% to 5% in revenue.The optimisation capabilities surprised schedulers, and Michael Acosta, Director - Commercial Planning commented that “for scheduling experts, what SISCOG offers is something special.”

VIA Rail is also better able to reduce operating losses, through the analysis of multiple KPIs available in the system, and make better scheduling decisions due to the capability to build “what if” scenarios.

João Pavão Martins, SISCOG’s CEO, expressed how these achievements were so important also for SISCOG since “our own goal is exactly this: to offer our clients tools that can effectively enhance their operation, may it be by saving resources used in the operation or offering more and better transportation services to passengers”.


Full Case Study here.